by Graves

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released August 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Graves Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: The Deceiver
I turn my back again, not even a glance. Never make up for your treason. This face is dead. No respect will be shown. There is no heart in this chest that would give a fuck if you here dead. Choke on your fucking words for you are the coward who didn't have the courage to say it to my face. Now hope for all the pity, now hope for all the praise. I hope to God you die because no one will cry at your grave. No respect will be shown. Choke on your words. I hope you live and die alone.
Track Name: Death Dealer (Feat. CJ McMahon)
This is the work of a servant, to try and fill his bloodlust. Body by body they start to pile up. This is the work of a servant, decay all around. Devoured cities. Burn them to the ground. There's no stoping his bloodlust. There's no stopping the end. He will drain the blood from the incision he made in your head. I will shatter the earth. Drag the bodies through the fucking hills. Nobody will find those who I've killed. Hundreds upon hundreds lay dead still. Veins run dry. Life's expired. You will all pray. I am not your servant. I can't fulfil your bloodlust. I drag these souls to feed the messiah. I am not your crown to take, I am not your slave to make. I walk away and leave you starved, my name etched in scars.
Track Name: Extinction
Fuck the system, this is a new vision.
We will not be consumed by your democracy.
So will you follow the shepherd, become just another sheep?
Tell me, are you truly happy?
Consumed by the modern machine.
If you're not like them, then you're nothing.
We will not conform to there lies.
We will be come the end.
Thank the human race for extinction for our foul decisions will be the end of us.
These sheltered eyes will get a rude surprise when they see the innocent die, right before they cut off your head and leave you wondering "what the fuck is left?".
We will all die.
I won't be just another sheep, like lambs to slaughter.
Track Name: Locust
You will fear the face, but you won't forget the name. Another night of agony, another day of pain. Contemplating the violent wakes another night of pain, to bring you to your knees again. We will erase humanity. Bring forth the plague. The destruction of humanity in it's dying day. Bring forth the children of violence, from the dark where they reign, to show the world it's true face of pain. They run in terror from those who they were ashamed, but they made us like this now, so they will wear the blame. You all run in fear from those who they create, fuelling the for our hate and rage. Now we are the blood that boils in your veins, the tight grip around your throat as you see the eyes of hate.
Track Name: Black Air
The skies will turn black from the volcanic ash. Suffocation from the air you lack. Nobody's running because they all know their fate. Welcome to your fiery grave. You bow your head in sadness because no one can protect you from the fiery malice. The village will burn the beautiful destruction of life. Every thing you know has fucking died. You bow your head in sadness because no one can protect you from this malice. As the darkness fills your lungs, the fire is what you become. This is what you get for self indulgence, for our fucking greed, for the creation of this horrible fucking earth.